Great Margins, Great Opportunities,

Great Life…

Become a part of the multi-billion dollar hair care industry as an Independent Dudley Distributor.

Currently, we are looking for success-minded individuals with good communication and listening skills who want to be their own boss.

As a Dudley Distributor, you will be expected to make salon visits, cold calls and take inbound calls from stylists to build relationships and capture the business. This will include selling products, holding seminars and selling Dudley company events.

Our most successful distributors have the following characteristics and skills:

  • An understanding that this is a full-time opportunity
  • Have $3000-$10,000 plus to invest into their inventory to start their business
  • The ability to work independently and be self-motivated
  • A Goal-oriented mind-set
  • A positive attitude
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal and organizational skills

If you believe that you have all of those characteristics, then ask yourself these 5 questions:

Do I have sales ability or experience?

Dudley Distributors are students and masters of the 5 Great Rules of Selling. It is critical to be able to show the cosmetologist the advantages of purchasing our products,attending our seminars, and improving their business.

Do I enjoy meeting and interacting with customers everyday?

Our distributors consistently visit 10-20 salons per day every Tuesday–Saturday with an average of 2-3 stylists per salon.

Do I have the mental strength and aptitude to overcome challenges and objections?

Successful Dudley Distributors realize that rejection is a part of the process and that selling is a numbers game.

Do I have the financial ability to invest in my business and inventory?

The Distributor opportunity is just like any other business. It requires a financial investment for products on a continuous basis. Our successful Dudley Distributors maintain a 4-week inventory.

Do I enjoy working on commission?

Pay for performance is at the heart of this position. You have the ability to earn as much as you would like. Having a consumable product that the beauty professional needs to run their business is a guarantee of repeat business and sales.

If you have answered “YES” to all of those questions, please click on the link to get started.

Watch this short Distributor Testimonial and find out why this could be the right opportunity for you.


Alfred Dudley, Sr.

Alfred Dudley, Sr. is a 30 year veteran with Dudley. He consults with cosmetologists in Washington, DC and across the country. Alfred Dudley, Sr. is an expert in salon retail sales and a member of the exclusive Dudley President’s Council.