Dudley Beauty Corp, LLC

Talent Acquisition Leader

Have you ever wanted to bring out the champion that already exists in people? Do you want to be more than just a number who mindlessly pushes resumes from one desk to another? Do you want to thrive at a company where your opinion matters and drives the final decisions and outcomes on a daily basis?

At Dudley Beauty Corp, you will have the freedom to develop and lead talented people who want more for themselves and their communities than the ugly part of the news or the shenanigans of reality TV. You have the opportunity to shape the beauty industry by securing the future of the main African-American owned businesses that have survived despite many challenges: beauty salons and barbershops.  As Dudley’s Talent Acquisition Leader, you will experience the joy of meeting new people everyday that who desire to be a job-maker instead of a job-taker and need a purpose bigger than themselves. You will seek out qualified men and women who are waiting for someone to light the spark that they didn’t know existed. You can create a different day each day as you travel to the city, the country, the suburbs and in between to understand the nuances and the intricacies of the needs of stylists, barbers and their businesses. As a transformational leader, you have the ability to grow this position and to bring our motto,  “In Partnership with the Professional Cosmetologist” to life! The possibilities are as endless and limitless as your thoughts and ability to execute. Come join a Black-owned company with a rich 49 year history of building the economic base of our communities and get paid for doing so.

Dudley Beauty Corp, LLC is expanding on our legacy of providing over 350 quality hair care products and cosmetics to the licensed professional and the everyday consumer. We are positioning ourselves to capture the African-American and multi-cultural beauty care markets to build on our irrefutable reputation as a beauty leader.  Dudley is a company that makes our own through our own to sell to our own.  As Ursula Dudley Oglesby, the 2nd generation of the Dudley family, leads the company, Dudley is in the midst of transforming our company to meet the needs of all age groups by adding new staff, developing our current workforce, and opening our eyes to the multitude of opportunities around us. It is an exciting time in Dudley as we rebrand & rebuild with new talent and new ideas. Our theme this year is Own Your Freedom, I Am, I Can  & I Will because we believe that everyone has the ability to shape their destiny if given the opportunity and the means.

As our Talent Acquisition Leader, you will develop and execute a comprehensive talent acquisition framework. This plan will include marketing materials & techniques as well as best practices of successful Dudley Distributors.  The results of your efforts will significantly impact our business this year & beyond.


Essential Functions & Daily Duties

  • Recruit high performing Distributors using a full range of recruitment tactics & resources
  • Manage full cycle recruiting process: identify, engage, and evaluate top candidates to join our growing company
  • Develop candidate generation strategies and screen candidates through the full life-cycle recruiting process.
  • Develop and maintain relationships with external employment sources, such as employment agencies, academic placement officers, and actively participates in local personnel associations.
  • Provide quick & pleasant experiences for every candidate from application stage to offer while evaluating skill level, driving the interview process and including reference checks when necessary.
  • Move the needle on recruitment activities: ensure that candidates are moving through the interview process and candidates are kept in the loop of status
  • Ensure that recruiting and hiring practices are in compliance with governmental regulations.
  • Participate in overarching goals & projects offering innovative, constructive ideas & suggestions to continue our team’s success and growth
  • Overnight travel approximately 70% of work

To Submit your Resume,  email your resume & cover letter to admin@dudleyq.com & someone will contact you within 3 business days.